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Launch of the New Website
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We're happy to announce the launch of this new website for the CUUPS. We have great expectations for the future of this fledgling community and hope that this social networking platform will serve as a vehicle for organizing events, maintaining contact with one another, and making new aquaintances with people in the area who share similar interests. Feel free to join in, discuss, make suggestions, etc. This is an open invitation for all who are interested, including but not limited to those who identify with Wicca, Druidry, eclecticism, and earth-based spirituality. Our aim is to form a thriving community of people who can benefit from friendship, mutual practice and support.

Blessed be.


Replies:2 January 15th Meeting started Jan 16th 2015 - last reply Jan 17th 2015 by Dorothy
Replies:5 Introductions started Nov 26th 2014 - last reply Jan 16th 2015 by Dorothy
Replies:2 Full Moon Ceremonies started Dec 7th 2014 - last reply Dec 12th 2014 by Unicorn Nymph
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"Thanks for creating this forum!"
In: Launch of the New Website
by: Karen
"This is an awsome platform for what I think will be a very..."
In: Launch of the New Website
by: Sotharan

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