January 15th Meeting

Our meeting ran from 7:35pm to 9pm. There were 8 members in attendance for this one. I was pleasantly surprised at the turn out. It is one of the largest meetings to date.

The first topic we discussed was the rituals. It was decided by unanimous vote that Emily will be in charge of coordinating our rituals and events. She will also be our representative withe UUCWV board. We also voted for her to be the back-up Secretary in case I cannot make it to a meeting.

The next thing we discussed was our charter. We agreed that the charter was sound and there was not much if anything we would change about it. During this discussion we decided upon the duties of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer which are as follows: 

1. President (Kaylee) - The president will be responsible for coordinating and leading our chapter, creating ideas to help expand our chapter and making the final decisions concering said ideas.

2. Vice President (Brandon) - Marketing our chapter, helping the President to create ideas, expanding the WVCUUPs chapter. 

3. Secretary (Dorothy) - Communicating with the members of the chapter to make sure they are kept up to date on events, taking the minutes of the meetings, keeping up with a blog for our chapter, and making sure meeting dates get into the announcements. 

4. Treasurer (Valerie) - Managing the finances of WVCUUPs. 

We then decided that Mike would be granted the position of "Head Administrator" of the website that we are using for our chapter. 

We then discussed when we are going to be scheduling our meetings and it was again unanimously voted to hold them on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm. Locations will vary and be decided upon at the previous meeting. The next meeting to be held on February 16th will take place at Bakehouse in Kingston. 

The final topic of discussion brought up during this meeting was what we would like to discuss at the next meeting. By nearly unanimous vote again (we are apparently good at that), it was decided it would be an open discussion about how to expand the WVCUUPs group.

I hope to see many faces at our next meeting in February. Until then, have a blessed month.



  • Glad to see you aboard, Dorothy. I'm glad the meeting went well. I had all kinds of good intentions to come, but my hubby was out for the evening, and peace & quiet + woodstove = irresistible combination. 

    For the next meeting, I'm curious, why the Bakehouse? It's fine with me as it's actually more convenient than W-B. More space?

  • We chose the Bakehouse because many members don't get the chance to eat before the meeting as they have to come directly from work to our meeting. This way, we will be at a restaurant and the members that don't get a chance to can eat while we have the meeting.

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