The rest of you may all know each other, but I don't know some of you very well and we may have other newcomers, so I thought it would be nice for people to post a little introduction about themselves. Whatever information you want to include (and of course nothing you don't want to include!) such as what type of pagan path you practice or would like to practice.

After many years of being vaguely sorta Wiccan, I went and joined the Druids, which is a better fit for me. I'm an Ovate apprentice in the Ancient Order of Druids in America. My spiritual path is strongly focused on direct experience of the natural world. I'm studying qigong and Celtic mythology. I'm also strongly interested in green living and sustainability issues.

I live in Hunlock Township with a husband (who is not pagan) and a cat (who might be; he's not saying). I guess I'm posting this because I'd like to find out if anyone shares my interests.



  • Hi Karen, thanks for starting this topic.

    I've not actually had much exposure to various pagan paths like Wicca and Druidry. I was asked to manage the webpage, so I'm going along for the ride and looking forward to learning more. But that's not to say I've no connection to paganism. I'm presently exploring Neoplatonism in addition to earth-centered shamanic practices. I didn't really feel connected to earth-based spirituality until rather recently, when I was 1) shown that one can experience nature in connection with primal archetypes that lie deeper within the psyche, and 2) directed to learn more about the teaching of Dreamtime in aboriginal culture.

    I live in Wyoming with my wife (who is also here on this site).

    Thanks again for starting this thread. 

  • This is definately an amazing topic.  I live in Wilkes barre with my wife Valerie and our three kids.  I am also Skarl's brother n law.  I have bounced back and forth not really following a religious path but in the last few years I have felt that the wiccan path is the one for me.  I read whatever information I can find and have been working on magical ceremonies for the last several months.  I would say I am an eclectic wiccan.  I joined this group because I was intrigued with the prospect of sharing my ideas with others and it has payed off in many ways.  It is a blessing to be here among like minded individuals.  Blessed be.

  • Hi all,

    I am in Wilkes Barre with Valerie and Sotharan. I am sister to Valerie and sister-in-law to both Sotharan and Skarl

    I was raised strict Baptist but have wandered onto the Wiccan path. I now consider myself an Eclectic Wiccan. I enjoy giving tarot readings and am currently enrolled in several courses to highten my pschycic powers and enable me to give better tarot readings. I am also raising my daughter pagan.

  • Hi Karen, (and everyone) Great idea to do introductions on here! As you can see, I am related to the three previous posters, and like Emily, I was raised strict Baptist. At this point, spiritually speaking, I am still exploring my options and trying to figure out what I believe. I try to stay pretty neutral until I figure that out, but I have to say that so far, the wiccan path looks like something I want to look into more. Thats not to say I am closed to other things. I want to keep an open mind until I find what's right for me, whether it be wiccan, druidic, earthan paths or other. Unfortunatly, I don't have a lot of time to devote to exploration right now due to my busy life. With a full-time job, a husband, three kids, online school, and now treasurer of the UUCWV, there is rarely a dull moment! As far this group goes, I am assisting with any ceremonies, rituals etc. lending my energies where they are needed until I can better define my path.

  • I would like to contribute to the topic as well...I live far away in Weatherly near to my fiance. I have a part-time day job sort of of taking care of my grandmother. Like a good little Pagan I have 3 black cats all of which are like my little buddies. Religiously speaking, I was raised a UCC Protestant (not that I paid much attention, I spent more time reading or sleeping than listening) and after learning about Wicca from a bunk-mate in South Carolina, I researched it and fell in love. I have been practicing eclectically since 2008. I like to study and learn anything I can concerning all paths however and my bookshelf looks like it belongs to a World Religions student. I can't think of anything else to say right now, so I think I will end it there. :)

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